VATIS (Value Added Tax) Framework




Name of the project: VAT (Gujarat VAT Information System)


Department under which the project was taken: Commissionerate of Commercial TAX, GoG 



  • To optimize value added tax revenues and modernize the tax administration system.


  • Efficient, Effective, Economical & Transparent Tax Administration.


  • Identification of potential taxpayers for widening the tax net
  • Integration of Investigation and Enforcement activities with Assessment so as to check tax evasion/avoidance.
  • Availability of automated routine to check tax compliances and generate notice for non compliances.
  • Provision of e-Services to facilitate compliance of legal provisions by the tax payer.
  • Cost effective tax administration by saving efforts and automating routine jobs


  • Tax Payers
  • Tax Practitioners
  • Commercial Tax Department, Govt. of Gujarat
  • State Government

Project Description:


The project was initiated to ensure prompt capturing of data at its origination in digitized form so that the VAT administration could be more informed and controlled. As the VAT implementation process involving VAT returns, scrutiny, assessment and refunds get streamlined, it was envisaged that the data also gets digitized to help the administration have an in-depth analysis of information for better decision support w.r.t. strategizing the tax administration processes.

Gujarat VAT Information System (VATIS) project is logically divided into various business services, shared services, MIS and House keeping.  

Business services (e.g. Registration, Returns, and Assessments etc.) are self-contained while shared services (e.g. Tax Calculation, Alert Engine, Security etc.) are independent in nature and available across modules and tax type. MIS is linked with all the business and shared services to generate desired reports. In addition to this; framework has set of masters (e.g. commodity, location, user etc…) which is accessed by various services. The application is capable of accepting inputs from a variety of sources with data in different formats and providing outputs in required formats. The entire solution is service oriented and hence provides greater flexibility to incorporate various changes in the shortest possible time and effort. This approach also offers flexibility to deploy select modules at specific locations. VATIS provides simple and user friendly interface for all the functionalities implemented in the system. It is modular in nature and directly maps to the functional processes.



VATIS system provides various features likes Pre-formatted document printing, Exception Reports , Tax Calculator ,Document Management System, Performance Reports ,Print Service –Better service levels,

Improve process efficiency, Improving Service Delivery, Increased Accountability.


Business Processes



Services offered in project:

  • e-Registration
  • e-Returns
  • e-Request for refunds
  • e-Request for amendments
  • e-Messages
  • e-Payment & Integration with Treasury
  • Online request for acquiring statutory forms
  • Online submission of statutory forms to avail green channel at all checks posts.



VATIS framework has been developed on open standards -Java/J2EE technologies using OOPS concepts which provides Scalability, Maintainability, Modularity, Reusability, Portability, Performance, Security and Industry wide support. It provides web based access, horizontal and vertical scalability and SOA based hybrid architecture.

  • High Availability/Scalability Configuration – Logical Network


  • Disaster Recovery


          Working Principal




Online repository of acts, rules, forms and notifications

  • Online repository of acts, rules, forms and notifications
  • Taxpayers can file online returns.
  • Online tracking of application status & payment
  • Taxpayers can submit an online request for registration along with the registration data
  • Taxpayers receive statutory forms like Form C, F and H at their doorstep without having to visit the tax office personally.
  • Online submission of statutory forms with barcode receipt to establish green channel at all check posts.
  • Taxpayers can claim refunds online 



1. Government:

  • Cost effectiveness

  • Efficient Tax administration

  • Organization Performance Measurement

  • Revenue projection

  • Information on policy & tax revisions

  • Transparency in operations

2. Tax Department

  • Widening tax net

  • Controlling tax evasion

  • Higher compliance level

  • Integrated view across taxes

  • Employee Performance Measurement

  • Document Management and File Tracking System

3. Citizens

  • Reduction of touch points

  • Location independence

  • 24x7 availability

  • Data reliability

  • Quick remittance of refund

  • E-communication with the department for queries


  • Sustained improvements in VAT revenue collections since 2006-07.

  • Over 150 types of MIS reports have been made available to the administrators for decision support

  • The profiles of high tax paying dealers have been made available through the portal

  • e-Return facility has been provided and over 3,00,000 dealers use it on monthly basis.

  • Unique instant invoice matching for checking Input Tax Credit for refund and assessment (VISIT Project)


  • Received CSI-Nihilent e-Governance Awards 2007 as Best e-Governance Project – G2B.
  • Received Silver Icon Award at 11th National eGovernance Conference 2008 under Excellence in Government Process Re-Engineering  category
  • Received NASSCOM IT USER AWARD 2008 for Best IT adoption through an e-Governance Project.
  • Enterprises Driving Growth and Excellence Through IT (EDGE) -2010

Current Usage & Statistics


Total Registered Dealers (VAT)


Total Registered Dealers (CST)


Total Number of CST-Form issued


e-Payment since April-2010 (INR Crore)


Avg. e-Returns per Month (Last FY)


Distinct Dealers for eReturns (VAT + CST)(Last FY)
























Specific Highlights:

TIN generated through the system


Acknowledgements issued through the computerized application.


Detailed data entry for forms.


Refund has been granted through the system

Rs. 10,508 Crores

e-payment has been received

Rs.89,650 Crores

C forms issued through the system

Rs. 85,50,867 Lakhs

e-Return filed through portal

1,32,84,350 lakhs

Audit assessment has been done through the system.



Last updated on 23/07/2013