Name of the project: e-GRAM


Department under which the project was taken: Panchayat Department, Government of Gujarat


  • Driving Digital Inclusion in Rural Gujarat and to bridge Digital Divide between Urban and Rural Gujarat.


  •     To develop Village Panchayat by providing necessary basic infrastructure as the delivery point of e-services of different government department

  •     To fulfill objectives of 73rd & 74th constitutional amendment.

  •     To infuse five Es in governance: ease, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and ethics

  •     To bridge the information and technology gap between the urban and the rural sectors

  •     To provide other commercial services through e-GRAM. 

Project Description

Since 2004-05, Government of Gujarat under the e-GRAM Project has decided to equip all the 3 tiers of Panchayats (Local self governments in rural areas) and in particular, each and every Village Panchayat (VP) with computer hardware & software and other necessary peripherals in a phased manner. By the end of 2008, all the VPs have been computerized and provided with broad band connectivity through VSAT.

With the introduction of modern office tools and connectivity at the lowest rural administrative unit in the State i.e. Village Panchayat, e-GRAM project has enabled computerized record keeping of accounts and maintenance of register of various types of taxes at the village level. In addition, by using digitalized databank in Gujarati vernacular language VPs issue computerized certificates such as certificates of birth, death, income, caste, domicile, property, residence proof, agriculture, tax collection, family information etc.

To leverage IT resources, e-GRAMs are being operated through Village Computer Entrepreneurs (VCEs) on a revenue sharing basis under Public Private Partnership model. This innovative mechanism is ensuring prompt services to the rural citizens besides providing income earning opportunity to the VPs and generating self-employment opportunities for the rural youth. In nutshell, the e-GRAM in each VP is the e- governance business model of Gujarat and it has started functioning as a Village Knowledge Centre. In addition to the e-GRAM in 14,006 VPs, there are Common Service Centers (CSCs) in 6000 VPs which have been set up under the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP).

(* GRAM is the acronym of Gram Rural Accounting Management Software. Moreover, in Gujarati language, GRAM means a village.)


  •   40 computers have been installed in each District Panchayat.

  •   All 284 Taluka Panchayats have been equipped with 2 PCs, CD writer, laser printer and a touch screen Kiosk.

  •   All 33 District Panchayats & 248 Taluka Panchayats have been connected through Gujarat State Wide Area Network and well equipped with Video Conferencing facility.

  •   All 14,006 Village Panchayats have been equipped with Computer, Printer covered through VSAT Connectivity and VoIP phone along with web camera.

  •   7400 Village Panchayats are having Ku Band facility and well connected to Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Application and Geo Informatics (BISAG), Gandhinagar for two way audio and one way video facility.

  •   Capturing accounting details of all Village Panchayats at the Taluka Panchayats with Gram Rural Accounting Management Software (GRAM).


  • Currently all 14,006 Village Panchayats have been equipped to provide the following services through Broadband connected PCs 

  • Birth Certificate

  • Death Certificate

  • Document for Caste Certificate

  • Income Certificate

  • Tax Collection Receipts

  • Land Right Records Services (RoR- 7/12 & 8A)

  • Application Forms of various development Schemes

  • ITI Application Form

  • Data Entry work for Govt Departments like Health etc

  • Rural people of Gujarat are also getting B2C services as follows:

  • e-Ticketing of Railways, Airlines

  • Utility Bill payments (Electricity, Telephone, Mobile etc)

  • Licenses, permits, NOC, Insurance selling

  • Market linkages for Agriculture Commodities


  •   CSI-Nihilent Award 2013.

  •   Skoch Order of Merit Award 2017-18

  •   “e-GRAM Gujarat” won Skoch Challenger Award 2008,

  •   CSI-Nihilent Award 2008 in the category of Outstanding Projects.

  •   A Certificate of Achievement in CAPAM International Innovation Awards 2008.

  •   E-GRAM project has been adjudged for ‘ the ‘Best Project Management’ in the World Communication Awards, 2008, announced on November 26, 2008 in London