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Eligibility Criteria for the bidder:


(a)  The bidder should have a minimum total turnover of Rs. 15 Crores during the last three financial years as specified below related to Computer Hardware, information technology products, computer based Education/Computer aided learning business in India.


The copies of the audited annual Accounts for the last three years shall be attached along with the bid.  (F.Y. 2008-09, 2009-10, 2010-11) (Table-VII)


(b)  The bidder should have required experience in implementation of similar projects as on 31/03/2011 on BOOT/BOOM/BOT/turnkey basis in India involving supply, installation & maintenance of computer H/W and related accessories, supply of skilled man power, computer training for at least 100 schools in India within last 3 years.          


Where School/Project sites means a distinct geographical location of the concerned organisation. (Last three years means from 01/04/2008 to 31/03/2011) (Table-VIII)


(c)  The bidder should have well established and proven methodology of conducting computer training to teachers/trainers/users and should have imparted computer training to at least 600 teachers/trainers/users in the last three years. (Last three years means from 01/04/2008 to 31/03/2011) (Table-IX)


(d)  The bidder must bid for all the schools. Partial bidding will disqualify the bidder.


(e)  The bidder will have to supply the required computers from the supplier/s or system integrators that fulfill the following eligibility criteria.



1.    The computer supplier should have a total sum of turnover of Rs. 15 Crore (Minimum) in the last three financial years and the turnover of the last year should be at least Rs. 5 Crores. The copies of Audited Annual Accounts for last three years shall be attached along with the bid. (Table-X)


2.    (a) The computer supplier must have one office in Gujarat. Please attach the copy of any of two of the following: Property tax bill/ Electricity Bill/ Telephone Bill/ VAT/ CST/ Registration / Lease agreement. (Table-XI)


(b) The computer supplier must have at least three authorized service centres covering all regions of Gujarat with one service centre in Ahmedabad/ Gandhinagar. Please attach the copies of Telephone Bills of last one year/ Property tax bill/copies of Electricity Bills of last one year/VAT/CST Registration/Lease agreement. In case the computer supplier is providing after sales support through Franchisee and/or Service Provider, then the undertaking duly signed by the computer supplier & the franchisee and/or Service Provider shall also be attached with the bid for after sales support & attach the copy of any one of the above documents in respect of franchisee for service provider. (Table-XII)


3.    The computer supplier must have at least 25 customer reference sites of local area network installation or 25 reference sites each of minimum 50 desktop installations, in Gujarat. Customer Certificate & Purchase orders must be attached along with the bid. (Table-XIII)


4.    The OEM /Computer supplier should authorize the bidder (for PCs) to quote the bid & supply. (Table-XIV)


5.    The Manufacturer of the product (OEM) should be ISO 9001:2000 Process Certified for manufacturing. ISO certificates are required for items like Desktop PC, Ethernet Switches, UTP cable, Jack/Patch Panels, Information Outlets, and Printers. (Table-XV)




1.   Bidders who wish to participate in this bid will have to register on Further bidders who wish to participate in online bids will have to procure Digital Certificate as per Information Technology Act 2000 using which they can sign their electronic bids. Bidders can procure the same from (n) code solutions – a division of GNFC Ltd., or any other agency licensed by Controller of Certifying Authority, Govt. of India. Bidders who already have a valid Digital Certificate need not procure a new Digital Certificate.


             The Bidder will have to remit Non refundable Bid Processing Fees of Rs. 10,000/- & Earnest Money Deposit (E.M.D.) of Rs. 6,00,000/-( Rupees Six Lacs Only) on or before the date & hours of opening of the bids in a sealed cover at GIL office with the heading “Bid Processing fees & EMD for the E-tender no. GIL\Comm. Of School\RMSA\DLCL\2011-12 for implementation of Digital Language & Communication Laboratories in Schools at various Districts of Gujarat State including supply of hardware, software and connected accessories, providing man-power services, training including civil & furniture related work and maintenance of the systems basis over a period of 5 years”.  Bid Processing fees & E.M.D. must be in the form of Demand Draft in the name of “Gujarat Informatics Ltd.” payable at Gandhinagar along with the covering letter. Please affix the stamp of your company on the overleaf of demand draft.



Pre-bid meeting: 22-11-2011

The last date of submission of bid is 10-01-2012.

The date for opening of Technical Bid is 11-01-2012.


Last date of submission of bid 30.12.2011 at 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 31.12.2011 up to 1500 hrs


Last date of submission of bid 07.12.2011 at 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 08.12.2011 up to 1500 hrs


 Last date of submission of bid 30.11.2011 at 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 01.12.2011 up to 1500 hrs


Contacting Officer:


In case the bidders need any clarification or if training required for participating in online tender, they may contact the following office:-


Mr. Kalpesh Sheth

(n)code Solutions-A division of GNFC Ltd.,

301, GNFC Infotower,

S.G. Road, Bodakdev,

Ahmedabad – 380054 (Gujarat),

Phone: 079-26854511, 26854512, 26854513

Fax: 079-26857321, 079-40007533

Toll Free No:- 18002331010 

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