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  1. The bidder should be a manufacturer or Authorized System Integrator of the manufacturer, who must have supplied and successfully installed items similar to the type specified in the schedule of requirements to any of the reputed organizations / institutes in the country.
  2. The Bidder should have at least 3 years experience in setting up LAN /WAN / Wireless system / solutions, and should have installed minimum 10 LAN / WAN / Wireless System systems, out of which, 5 system should have minimum 100 nodes installed and operational in the same campus or different campus. Bidder should have expertise in supply, installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance of various telecom equipment cables / data cable and accessories. Copies of Purchase orders and Certificates of Successful Completion from Customer should be submitted. Experience details should be given in the Form-El.
  3. The bidder also should have full technical competence for maintaining the LAN /WAN systems. The Bidder must provide a list of 10 places where such systems have been installed and/or are being maintained by him with their configuration. (Form-E2)
  4. The Bidder should attach Authorization certificate from the OEM of the H/W to be used in this work, for the authenticity, authorized representation and after sales support. OEM presence into the market from last five years. (Form-E3)
  5. The Bidder should have 10 skilled engineers / Manpower with minimum 1 Project Manager, 2 Network Engineer, and 7 Technician with minimum 2 years Experience for one single zone. If the bidder desires to apply for more than one zone, then no. of manpower would increased proportionately. (For example if the bidder bid for all 12 zones, the bidder should have 12O skilled engineers/ manpower with minimum 2 years experience i.e. 12 Project Manager, 24 Network Engineer and 84 Technician) i.e. Information about educational qualifications, and experience details and P.F. no. along with the projects they have handled should be provided with the bid. (Form-E4)
  6. The bidder should have local presence and should have office in Gujarat. The bidder should have service support infrastructure in the state to provide warranty and post warranty services. The details for such service support infrastructure must be enclosed. Please attach the copy of any of one of the following: Property tax bill/Electricity Bill/Telephone Bill/G.S.T.-C.S.T. Registration/Lease agreement etc.(Form-E5 & Form-E6)
  7. Copies of original documents defining the constitution on legal status, place of registration and principle place of business of the company or firm or partnership etc. Bidder shall be in the business of networking for at least three years. Copy of company incorporation / registration certificate of the firm shall be attached as proof Bidder must submit copies of his central and local VAT & Service tax registration certificates, PAN number and Copies of last 3 years income-tax return.
  8. The bidder must have a sum of Rs. 5 Crores of audited turnover for the past three years. (Form - E7).
  9. The Manufacturer of the product (OEM) should be ISO 9001:2000 Process Certified for manufacturing. For items like Ethernet Switches, Fiber Cable, UTP cable, Jack/Patch Panels, Information Outlets and have presence into the market from last five years (Form — E8)
  10. In order to execute the work on time, bidder must carry minimum stock of spare as per Form E-9 at GOG / GoG assigned place. GOG/ GoG may inspect the stock at any time. In case stock does not meet the minimum stock level, bidder/ vendor will be penalized  Rs 10,000/- on each inspection . (Form – E9)

Note: All the details and the supportive documents for the above mentioned items should be submitted.




  • Bidder shall submit their bids in THREE SEPARATE SECTIONS in sealed envelopes super-scribed with the RFP document number, due date, time, Project and nature of bid (bid security, un-priced, priced) and submit the same to Gujarat Informatics Ltd. office on or before due date of the tender.


SECTION-I:      The Bid Security in a separate sealed envelope super scribed with the bid document number.


SECTION-II:      UNPRICED BID complete with all technical and commercial details other than prices i.e. identical to with prices blanked out.


Note: Filling up prices in Part II will render the bidder disqualified.


SECTION-III:       PRICED BID ONLY with full price details.

  • The envelopes containing SECTION-I, SECTION-II and SECTION-III of offer should be enclosed in a larger envelope duly sealed. All pages of the offer must be signed.


  • Bidder is requested to pay Rs. 2,000/- (per zone) (For example if bid is for all 12 zones, bidder will have to submit Rs. 24,000/- towards Bid Processing Fees) as a bid processing fee (Non refundable) in the form of demand draft in favor of “Gujarat Informatics Ltd.” payable at Ahmedabad/Gandhinagar along with the EMD cover. In case of non receipt of bid processing fees & EMD the bid will be rejected by GIL/GoG as non responsive.


  • The Bidder shall furnish, as part of the Bid, a Bid security for the amount of Rs. 25,000/- per Zone (For each Zone, Bidder will have to submit EMD. For example, if bid is for all 12 zones, Bidder will have to submit Rs. 3,00,000/- towards EMD) by demand draft in favor of “Gujarat Informatics Ltd” payable at Gandhinagar/Ahmedabad in India in a separate envelope. The unpriced bid will be opened subject to the confirmation of valid Bid security.


Pre-bid meeting: 21-09-2011

The last date of submission of bid is 08-12-2011.

The date for opening of Technical Bid is 09-12-2011.


Last date of submission of bid 28.11.2011 up to 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 29.11.2011 up to 1500 hrs


Last date of submission of bid 15.11.2011 up to 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 16.11.2011 up to 1500 hrs


Last date of submission of bid 05.11.2011 up to 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 08.11.2011 up to 1500 hrs


 Last date of submission of bid 17.10.2011 up to 1700 hrs.

Date of opening of technical bid 18.10.2011 up to 1500 hrs


(Uploaded on: 08/09/2011)

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